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My First Birthday With You and INBODE


How are you doing?

( Firstly, I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and giving me and my team your precious time! We promise that we will leave no stone unturned to make this experience valuable for you )

Well, I had no plans to write this post! But, there is something that made me do it! Yes, it’s my birthday today but this one is very different than I have had any other. It’s special because this year I have embarked on a journey to make a value, to ful-fill my dreams and to connect to so many of you (Women especially)

Like many of you would know, I come from a small town of India, Agra. Like most of the kids in our city, I moved to delhi to further pursue my education! Confused and scared of where life would take me.

And, today here I am, completing 7 years in a city that’s given me so much and made me who I am today.

A confident, ambitious girl, now running after her dreams.

I am writing this article today, because you are important to me and INBODE. And, it’s my first birthday with you & INBODE. And, I want to share our first and every other with each one of you.

It hasn’t even been a few months of INBODE’s existence and I can’t believe we are now a group of over a few thousands. Life has changed, for the good. Today, I feel more than happy to be able to share it with so many of you.

And So, I thought to share my heart out with you here. To share my vision and my passion.

Ever since, I have been into fashion. I see my friends and family always coming to me, asking me about what’s new in fashion, what suits them etc. ( If you see me &  my sister’s chat, you will see mostly, me making fashion choices for her) And, I think that has been the story for many of us. How we send images to our friends, asking them about their opinion. Going upto our boutique aunty.

I would often see women confused of what to wear. They would struggle to find clothes (Online) that would suit them, because of lack of assistance. So they either end up buying nothing at all or just the wrong product.

And, so I found my calling. I knew since the beginning that I just didn’t want to make pretty clothes. I wanted to make something that adds value to one. That solves a purpose and has a meaning, and so this was it. 

INBODE, was born #ForYou ! ( India’s First Intelligent E- DESIGN STUDIO) For each woman, who has struggled to find good quality clothes that are made for her, who finds herself confused while shopping and who believes in the her strong beautiful self.

Women in India, are generally forced under the stereotypical standards of beauty. And, I completely defy that.In the past 10 years my body has changed drastically and I can feel the disconnect to these superficial standards the industry has set for us.

Thus, through INBODE, I want to set free myself and others, of these standards. I love the way I am and I need clothes for me and not vice versa. 

Thus, I want to tell you that, we at INBODE are just not a clothing brand (I would say that’s just a part of it). We are a community that is for women like us. Each one of us.

A housewife, working mom, an artist, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a mother etc. Its for each Unique woman that we are. And, we want you to proudly flaunt it. 

So, today let me tell you, INBODE was born #ForYou, each one of uniquely beautiful you.

And, I need you with us at every step.

We need want to hear your problems, help you find solution, be your confidante. Be it fashion, family, or anything else. We want to create this together.

Let’s make a community of our own, that builds up each other, that encourages each other and that grows together. 

Would you like to be there?

We are waiting for your response. If you have come this far, we request you do drop us your views. Let us know what you think. Tell us if anything can make us better. We are waiting for you to join us in the journey.

Thank you once again.

I hope next Birthday, have so much more to share, many more to hear and much more to give.

Rise & Shine,

Charuka x



An ardent design lover with a knack for branding. She Believes in the power of innovation & technology. Chasing her passion for the same through her entrepreneurial journey at I N B O D E !

  1. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Charuka and I can imagine the happiness of celebrating with your new born baby – INBODE !!

    May this beautiful journey of you two come long way and you both fill beauty and comfort and de-stereotyping in others life too !


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