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BodyShaming: How, I starved my 16-year-old-self

My story of Bodyshaming


I am, Simer kaur. A 20 year old fashion blogger, hailing from the land of beauty- Kashmir. Fashion blogging, as known to many has become a rage these days. There is a constant increasing rate of participants in the industry and let me tell you it’s not an easy job.

But, today I am not here to put forward my fashion skills. Instead, I am here to share about something way more important to me and  to all of us. Something, that I am sure most of us have struggled and are still  struggling with, BODY SHAMING

Well, what you see above is me. On the left, me a few years back and on the right, that I am today.

In the early years of my life, I was a FAT child, and honestly, our society left no stone unturned to make me feel  humiliated. I was bodyshamed.

HUMILIATED, to an extent, that during my school days. Like any other child, I use to carry my lunch box to school but had never guts to eat it, because of continuous judgement of my peers of how I look, being taunted about how much I eat (which i didn’t at all ), etc. This developed a sense of fear in me.

I felt as if I had done something, seriously wrong. I felt disconnected and couldn’t understand, why am I being put through all of this. The bullying never ended, sometimes it started with my food and ended with a comparison with my so-called thin friends.

I, actually stopped going out because of the fear of being judged or being the subject of mockery. As a child, all of this affected me so much that, I had actually developed a feeling of self-hatred.

Tired of all of that happening, I thought, the only way to actually end all of this is, to be like “THOSE PRETTY GIRLS”. So, it became my utmost mission, and to achieve this I made my self starved, ate one meal a day, tried every other diet and what not, Just to fit in the section of “PRETTY GIRLS”.

As expected, It didn’t work. I gave up torturing myself and finally, accepted who, I am.

Ultimately, I did change for the good, of course. But, not by putting myself through unreasonable torture. And, most importantly by appreciating who I am.

Today, when I look back at my 16 year old self and to so many people who are or have been going through this, so called “BODY SHAMING”, be it about loosing weight or gaining. Let me tell you one thing, ” YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”.

Let no one, mind it, NO ONE, decide your worth. There is no perfect definition of beauty. The only thing that defines beauty is, “YOU”. So, never lose yourself.

Even after, loosing so much weight, I still go through body shaming, people often judge me of my profession, as bloggers are often those perfect small sizes which I am not. http://www.inbodeforyou.com/bodyshaming-how-i-starved-my-16-year-old-self/

But, let me tell you.

Today, I don’t give a DAMN. I love my BODY, it DEFINES me.

I am no less than anyone out there.

This blog is dedicated to all women out there.

Your body is beautiful, everyone is unique. Own your body, Be you.

I hope, I was able to communicate my intention well. And, I wish no one ever again feels the way I felt about myself, a few years ago.

Lastly, I would like to thank & Congratulate, I N B O D E, for encouraging me and giving me a platform to share my story and make a difference.


Simer Sethi

A 20 year old, first Kashmiri Fashion Blogger. Currently, pursuing B.A Hons. from Delhi University.

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