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Different Faces Of “You”

“Uniqueness is what makes you the most beautiful.”
― Lea Michele


If you even a bit about us, you would know. We believe in the “Unique You”.  Confused, by what we mean?


We are all like flowers in the garden! Everyone has its own colour and its unique scent! 

God created us all equal.But Everyone is unique.Everyone has his own identity and personality.

Knowing that we are unique should humble us. It should make us realise just how much God loves us. We understand that no two people have the same fingerprint. That blows my mind just to consider that there is no other one in the human population who has the identical pattern that I have or you have.

God did not make us on a mass production line. He took great care in making us who we were meant to be. He had a purpose in mind for us even before we came into being.

He gave all of us, distinct voice, body and feature.He has given us the power of “Uniqueness”.

In today’s time, a lot of us have forgotten to appreciate who we are. In today’s time of social media, we get influenced by how one looks or behaves and sometimes even tend to copy. By and far, it’s good to always improve on how one is but not at a cost of losing one’s own individuality.

It’s time, to own up & be who we are, each one of us, Uniquely.



An ardent design lover with a knack for branding. She Believes in the power of innovation & technology. Chasing her passion for the same through her entrepreneurial journey at I N B O D E !

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