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Embellished Pearl Collar Shirt – The Summer D.I.Y

A perfect new summer shirt without burning a hole in your pocket. How?

Take this Summer D.I.Y and revamp your old shirts to new, with soothing pearls and many more. And, guess what? It will not even take you 15 minutes.


Embellished Pearl Collar Shirt – The Summer D.I.Y

Materials and Tools
Shirt to embellish
Pearl beads, in different colours

Steps for Embellished Pearl Collar Shirt – The Summer D.I.Y







1. Place some of the pearl beads on your shirt to decide how you’d like to arrange them. I decided to go with a gradient, but you may want to cluster them or completely cover the collar




2. Starting with the tip of the collar, begin sewing on the beads. Try to sew the beads onto just the top fabric layer of the collar, so no threads will show on the underside.
3. Continue sewing on the beads, gradually decreasing the density. I just eyeballed everything, but you might want to use a piece of chalk or fabric marker to help you arrange your beads.






4. Repeat on the other side of the collar.




And, Here you go!


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