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Embracing You

The Power Of You

Let’s ask ourselves a question,
“Have we been embracing our original self throughout this journey?”

Women in our society, for a long-long time, have been put under scrutiny! There is a way we are supposed to dress, laugh, walk, eat etc. We are almost held back from doing anything that our society doesn’t like.
The times have been changing, women are standing up for their own self.
Some have reached the Moon and some have very bravely fought Dangals, fighting against the stereotypes that try to hold our wings.

But still, a lot of us in our own individual journey, face this pressure. Be it for our careers, dressing, marriage or raising our child! Our society tries to push us back.
Today, let’s open up about our own set of challenges that we have/had faced. Let’s inspire each other with our small or big victories. Let’s guide each other.
Let’s be more of who we are than what our society expects us to be.

Let’s step towards the world where we can embrace our original self!

Pratishtha Parashar

Pratishtha Parasher is a history enthusiast and has graduated in history from Delhi University. A voracious reader, a cinephile ,she is currently pursuing her masters in mass communication from Jamia Millia Islamia.

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