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From Starving Herself to Loving Her Body, Model, Liza, Shares Her Story On Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, the 27-year-old model and body image activist shared a dramatic post comparing her body during the height of her modelling career, when she was existing on only 500 calories a day, to how her natural figure looks now. Of course, the post went viral.


She also, wrote an article on the same for the popular, -d.vice.com. Where she shared all the details of her journey. She quoted,

” Around 20, I started to become aware of my body. I noticed that my natural form was not like most of the other girls who were modelling. I had a wider waistline and fuller hips. I decided that I needed to change that and obtain that perfect figure so that I could really make something out of this career. It was now or never. I started doing the workouts and diets that all the other girls had been doing all along. Unfortunately, the only diet that ever got me close to a 34″ hip was limiting my daily intake of calories to 500 a day. Seeing myself drop nearly 20lbs in just two weeks gave me a rush.

But I was miserable. Full of mood changes. I was constantly on edge and shaky, my face sunk heavily, I had black circles under my eyes. I was so hungry that an almond tasted as good as a fresh buttery croissant. Like all of my diet fads, it didn’t last long. I had an incident one night, where I fainted cooking myself one of my “sorry excuse for a meal” meals. I was scared and stopped the diet right then and there. Nothing was worth this much stress to my body.”


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That’s not it. She came out clean about her her journey, to her healthy self. She wrote, ”


” I started sharing photos of myself and my body on Instagram from the moment I decided to stop dieting. I felt inspired to share with whatever followers I had, that sometimes the best body for you is not the same as the one society tells you you need — but that does not mean it’s not beautiful. I am now what is called a plus size model. This can be an offensive label to many people, but at the end of the day, I know my worth. I’m proud and happy to be the size that I am, and I understand how the industry works, so I don’t get offended by such things.”

Dear Liza, you are tremendously beautiful, Inside & Out. We wish more power to you always x


To read the Full article, Click here



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