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Is your Hobby Fading while you are Ageing?

“Happy is the man who is living by his hobby” “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.”
I guess all of us have heard or read this at some point in our lives- “Hobbies are important.”
How many of us have actually taken any of these sentences seriously? Where are we all heading? Are we Ageing or Fading?

I was as restless as the sea when I was a kid, always picking up a hobby, bouncing between hobby classes, getting messy, drawing on my clothes or the walls around me. I loved colors and how two colors could just so easily make another one.

I moved to the States when I was 17. It was quite normal for me to see people going to pottery classes over the weekend or going to café where you could only play board games or learn how to make macaroons in 3 hours or just go for a knitting class.

Hobby-Ageing or fading-hobbmob

There was just so much one could do over the weekend. I did, never committed to a hobby but always tried to go for as many classes as possible.

But when I moved back home. I realised that as an adult if I wanted to do something over the weekend. I only had the option to go to a bar/café and talk to the same people and not learn something new or do anything that’s productive. Ageing in India got us a very few options.

That’s when I knew I had to build something that allows adults as well as kids to take up as many unique hobbies as possible. And that’s how and why, Hobbmob was born.

I want to build a community of individuals who are wildly creative. Looking to share the passion with others who want to learn from each other. I want to empower people and reduce their dependence on corporate jobs or any 9-5 job.

I am here to spread the belief that if you are a creative person, there are enough opportunities for you in this world. You don’t need to be great at anything else!
HobbMob, has been a concept since the past few months and managing everything by myself has been quite a challenge. Starting a company is a rollercoaster ride. I have been lucky to have great support system since the beginning of this journey.

Its hard to make people understand that am here to promote what they are good at. Connect them to people who want to learn something fun in their spare time.

Its even harder to make adults realise how hobbies are not only for kids. Hobby, is all of us who are bored of lazying around and wasting yet another weekend!

I meet so many incredible artists, who run studios out of their garage, some of them pursue their passion on weekends and some of them do it in their free time at night. I want to make their talent more accessible to all of us. I want to build a community where we all learn from one another. I don’t want things to be restricted because of time, location or distance.

All of us should stop for one moment from our day-to- day lives and really think, Where are we all heading!

I may be getting a promotion next month or a car next week, but am I doing something that makes me happy?

Can all of us name one thing we can do all day and loose track of time? I encourage all you women to pick a hobby, either on Hobbmob or otherwise and if you are really good at something, I would welcome you to join us as an expert.

Lets break all boundaries and bring people together through art.

Rajvi Sanghvi

Rajvi finds Painters way cooler than Doctors, which led her to co-found Hobbmob. She can spend 18 hours straight infront of a computer screen surfing the web for interesting projects and people and can basically find anything about anyone on the internet.(This is what she does at Hobbmob 80% of the time) She loves talking to strangers,this is why you will also find her striking random conversations with strangers at Starbucks. You can easily see Rajvi is always up for trying something new and thrives in changing environments. In her free time she can be seen rock climbing, swimming or jumping off planes from 15,000 ft.

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