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Buy Right Product Online With These Measurements

Hello to the world of online shopping!

We all love shopping online. Don’t we?

I mean any time and anywhere, you can buy things you want. It’s like a blessing in disguise.

With this hectic life, we are always short on time, with thousand more things to do. Even when, we have sometime in hand, we really don’t want to spend it getting stuck in traffic or standing in queues.

Saying that, we can’t ignore the fact that needs don’t stop and we cannot live without shopping (Women, seriously we cannot, it’s like our soul food).  And, so the world of online shopping is our saviour. Be it a birthday, an interview or a last minute plan, we always need the right clothes for it.

Now, its so easy to buy things, right from your bed at the comfort of your home, online. No closing time, no long queues, no traffic etc.

So, since  most of us know the drill quite well. Here, let’s talk about the most common struggle that we face. And, how can we overcome it and make the best of our time.

Our all time issue,” WILL IT FIT ME RIGHT?”

So, unlike other countries, India doesn’t have a standard sizing system. Thus, leading to different sizing chart of every other brand.

International brands in India follow their own sizing system and sometimes it doesn’t real match our body-types.

I N B O D E has a detailed, size chart, that matches your body-type to give you the ultimate fit. Once you know your measurement you can also take a FREE, Bodyshape & How to Dress for it, personalised email session. HERE )

So Now, to buy the right size online. You should ALWAYS, know your right measurements. Once you know these measurements you can always figure out the right size for you.

We are listing these measurements for you, you can take someone’s help to take these measurement and save it in your phone notes for all time availability.


Buy Right Product Online With These Measurements


Buy Right Product Online With These Measurements


Buy Right Product Online With These Measurements


Buy Right Product Online With These Measurements

And, you are done!

4 simple measurements that can help you find the right clothes, for you!

I N B O D E, is giving a limited period of

Bodyshape & How to Dress for it

Email session!

You can it  avail easily, HERE !



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  1. For me is verry hard to pick something online, because I’m not a skinny girl. Your post is perfect for me.

  2. This is a very informative post, I got stuck with sizes last time I was shopping online, guess your resource can prove to be a really good one for people like me. Keep it up!

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