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Our Mission-The Real You

A dreamer, adored by the real beauty I am surrounded by.

I often use to think is it one’s absolute perfection or something else that makes one, beautiful?  And, I realised what made one beautiful to me was their uniqueness that comes from their own imperfections. 

Those imperfections that make us different from one another. Imperfections that add definition to our own identity. Imperfections that make each one of us uniquely beautiful.

And, finally these imperfections that define the “Real You”.

( Very well fitting the phrase: “You are a beautiful mess” )

Then why are we always trying to hide those little imperfections that define us? Why are we always trying to be like someone else?

Maybe because, that is what that has been always portrayed around us.

Hence, this is why & how I N B O D E was born! As an answer to my search, the search of that real-ness. A brand that is made for the real you. I strongly feel, that the real beauty is in our imperfect selves, if I say so. And, I have decided to do what I believe in &  break the norms.

I want to show shades of you! The real you!

You know like the shy one, the bold one, the caring, the dark skin, the light skin, the plump one, the thin one, and so much more etc. This fact very well defined, we would be shooting on real people with real stories that can bring the motive behind our brand forward.

So, just when we started planning our collection & our themes, my hunt for those faces, who could give life & stories to our garments, had begun. I began looking around in my friends & family, since they were the most real & relatable people to me. And, I thought what could be better than bringing their unique selves out.

So, I decided to reach out to two of my sisters, Surbhi & Meghna, who I had to convince, to do this for me.

Surbhi (Now legally my sister-in-law) & I, have known each other for years.  She has always had that very vibrant attitude, you know like the one who can bring a lot of energy in a dull room. On one side, she is soft & extremely caring and on the other, she is the strict & responsible one. Ever since, she has been married into the house and whatever little time we have spent together. I have seen her very seamlessly taking over multiple roles in a day. Beginning, from a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister, a teacher etc.

Very unique yet like many of us.

She generally wears, medium to large. We identified her as fair to medium skin toned & a #ShortMediumTriangle body-shape!  

I remember the first time, I reached out to her with my proposal, she said, “Are you crazy, I look far away from a model, you should have someone who looks like one & is of that size “and I had to explain her that how I didn’t want a model but just her & her shades.

On the other hand, was Meghna Di. Again, We had known each other for years now. I have seen her passing multiple phases of her life. Witnessing her journey of being a young wife to a mother scholar. Her journey has been an example for many young wives/girls, especially of a small town. She found her calling when she became a mother. She defied the norms and began a new journey as a mother scholar,  beginning with her masters and now a Phd. She has been that fun, quirky & opinionated woman, who you can see doing lots of crazy things. And, on the other hand, she is that possessive mother whose heart resides in her child, always caressing him with abundance of love.

Meghna Di & I, always sharing our love for arts, had done some fun casual shoots together during my college days. But this time, I wanted to capture her story & who she is.

She generally wears, small to medium. We identified her as fair to medium skin toned & a #ShortPetiteInvertedTriangle body-shape!

When I approached her with the proposal of being one of the face, She said, ” Charu, you should rethink, you will get much a better model than me, a mother of a 4 year old”.

I was determined to cast these two because of who they were, their unique stories, their different bodies, how they could justify the two shades we wanted to showcase via our collections, #Elsa & #Intense & how things change when one embraces herself & her body with the blend of their own style.

Inbode team
Inbode team
 Two collections, two themes, two faces, two memorable days & so many stories, is what we have in our hands today.

Which also, would not have been possible without our talented team, who had put their heart & soul in the making. Jyoti & Viswash, who took care of managing the minutest details for smooth functioning.

Our extremely passionate photographer, Shubham, who resonated with our idea & left no stone unturned to convert our thoughts into beautiful frames & make up artist, Ashima, who very carefully crafted looks that complimented their unique personalities & taste. 


And, now we have another talented young designer ,Manvi, & a lovely intern sanjana with us, onboard to build the best product for you!

So, see you at  I N B O D E,  now?


Charuka x


An ardent design lover with a knack for branding. She Believes in the power of innovation & technology. Chasing her passion for the same through her entrepreneurial journey at I N B O D E !

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