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DECOR: The Answer To My Search

My Passion for Decor

Hey, I am back! I hope you remember the last time i spoke about how I choose the most challenging yet wonderful decision of my life. ( If you have not, READ HERE )

I have a friend who is an Investment Banker, is on the board of a few companies, and a very busy mom. However, despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to attend her bi-weekly dance classes.

She once confided in me, that the greatest joy in life she gets is from learning dance.

With all the craziness in our lives, and the stress we deal with, on an ongoing basis, there’s got to be something we love to do! Some activity that makes us feel good about ourselves, and gives us tremendous joy. It could be reading, gardening, cooking, knitting, sewing, electronics, cars…anything!

When my children were young, my favourite pastime was walking into random furniture shops and admiring beautiful pieces of furniture. A console, a venetian mirror, a set of dining chairs or a beautiful Persian rug. They all excited me. My favorite pastime on a lazy sunday afternoon was  browsing through the Architectural Digest magazine, while sipping my cafe latte.

Back home in the United States, I would eagerly wait for the holiday season. Christmas was my favorite time of the year. Each night, on my way back from work, I would drive through neighbourhoods admiring the beautifully lit homes. And, my exhaustion of the day would vanish!

One day, I was in my son’s room and casually looked over a magazine on Interiors. I was talking out aloud to myself. “What is it that I love? What am I good at? And what should I do in the near future?”

My son, who is observant and a perceptive lad, looked up, and casually remarked, “Mom, you browse through Home Decor magazines for hours. You lose track of time when you read books on Homes. Does that not classify as your passion?”

That was my Aha moment!

Each time we moved into our new home, I would spend days and months carefully planning every room and each space. A missing corner that possibly needed a lamp. Maybe, a fun chair in my sons room and a multicolored girly bedspread to add some color to my daughter’s room.

Decor: Discovering My Passion

Over the last few decades, I have devoted hundreds of hours of study and research on homes, and accumulated years of experience decorating homes in different countries. Completely self taught and very much in love with my passion.

Not all  of us have enough time, money and talent to decorate or redesign our homes. Subsequently, through I.N.B.O.D.E, I  would like to educate my readers and make you all self reliant in decorating your personal spaces.

Decor: Discovering My Passion

 In my next blog, I will share some useful styling tips on how to choose colors, decorating spaces, making corners interesting, planning your budget etc. Read them and let me know if they work for you.

Decor: Discovering My Passion

Stay cool and feel free to write to me for advice on Home decor at nupurkaul@gmail.com

Nupur Kaul

In the past 25 years, my husband and my children have been fortunate to see many places and experience multiple cultures. Each time we moved a new home, I got a fresh chance to unleash my creativity and love for styling, by decorating our new home. I sincerely hope, you can use some of the styling tips I have learnt over the years, to decorate or renovate your home.

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