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Simer x Dress With I N B O D E- Look 1/3

Remember, Simer ? The young girl who wrote about her experience of bodyshaming on the blog.

In her article, simer mentioned her love for fashion, which made her move towards blogging and how the industry still portrays beauty under the stereotypical light of size zero. Well, we were in awe of this beautiful girl, since the beginning. So, we thought how about we collaborate with simer and put up a little surprise for you all.

We at I N B O D E, aim to help women understand their body-types and dress for their Unique self keeping their personal comfort in hand. So, we began by understanding and sharing a detailed information about Simer’s bodytype and her personal taste. We then custom made three pieces from our upcoming collection, that were a perfect fit for her bodyshape, color, style etc. Have a look below for what she finally got.

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Wearing: Fan Frill Top from I N B O D E





Wearing: Fan Frill Top from I N B O D E

Featured: Simer Kaur Sethi

Styling & Art direction: Charuka Arora

Assisted by: Jyoti Baghel

We hope you liked it & we can’t wait to share the next two looks with you! Till the time you can get a FREE session for yourself, HERE.

(We would love to hear your views about the look. Please drop us a comment below with your thought)

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