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Standardisation Of Beauty


Beauty & Its stereotypes

Throughout the ages, the standard of beauty has varied greatly. Of course, different cultures will have vastly different interpretations of what it means to be beautiful.

In ages past, the standard of beauty was often determined by the tastes and whims of a few  social elite. Rarity and exclusivity were and are often considered beautiful for example people with blue eyes. When people didn’t have enough to eat and often died of starvation and malnutrition, being hefty was considered the height of beauty . As food became more plentiful, we opted to go the other way. In the 40′s and 50′s, we idolised women who were thin, yet curvy. Very few women actually had the desired measurements.

In the 60′s and 70′s, super thin became in again. Small boobs were back, as were small hips . By the way, thinking that your body should conform to the beauty of the clothes instead of the other way around has caused more pain   But again, at least there were still a few women who actually looked the way we wanted them to.

However the message that the beauty and fashion industries spread is the same for everyone.

Whereas, the truth is.

You are a perfect creation, just the way you are.  You WANT that perspective to be unique.

It’s only valuable if it’s unique. Think about it.

What would the Universe have to gain by creating a bunch of people who think, look and act exactly the same? You don’t want to be a copy.

Experience your own reality in a way that no one else can quite experience. If you are expressing your own unique essence, now you’re playing the game! Now you’re doing something that no one else in this Universe can do! Now you’re doing what you came here to do – you’re being Who You Really Are.

Now, it’s your turn. Have you struggled with the standard of beauty? Have you been able to overcome it and feel good about yourself anyway? If so, how?

Pratishtha Parashar

Pratishtha Parasher is a history enthusiast and has graduated in history from Delhi University. A voracious reader, a cinephile ,she is currently pursuing her masters in mass communication from Jamia Millia Islamia.

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