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The Story Of A Classic White Shirt

The Classic White Shirt

A classic White Shirt has its own charm. There is no time when a white shirt can go wrong, especially when dressing for work.

The white shirt makes the perfect investment buy, because firstly it won’t go out of fashion, secondly you always can dress them up or down and last but not least it gives you the perfect platform to accessorise to the occasion and to your mood.

The white shirt comes this season in a huge variety e.g.  in silk, with giant bow at the neck, in gleaming white, with or with out ruffles, in oversized sleeves or in classic style, crisp or with puff shoulders, cropped sleeves or in cotton. We thought to make your struggle easy by categorising best for your shape.

  • Neckties and high collars

These are best for women with a normal to a along neck and great as well for women who tend to be small to normal busted.

  • Long puffed sleeves

These are best for women who have a slender upper half and can take this additional volume to their frame, waist and bust. Not so good for the triangle shapes but super for the inverted triangle. Also, it gives roundness to rectangles.

  • Short puffed sleeves

Only women with small to normal arms should be wearing this option otherwise bigger arms are only looking bigger. Also, women with a big bust should avoid this option completely, because it adds unnecessary additional volume to the bust area. Women with an inverted triangle shape should also pass on this option, because it will make their shoulders and frame even broader.

  • Ruffles around bust or bib style shirts

These are best for women who are small busted and have more of a slender top. Ruffles add volume and roundness to your chest and upper part and therefore should be avoided by those who are fuller on top.


  • Crisp shirts versa softer material

Crisp material is stiff and adds volume to the top, because it doesn’t follow the body line and shape. Therefore it should be only worn by women who are slender on top, have small to normal bust line or need to balance a bigger bottom to their upper part like the pear. It is a bad choice for apples and full hour glass women.


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