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The Theory Of A Blouse: Soft & Sexy


Blouses, are one of our go to options when we really don’t know what to wear. They are a perfect pick for a formal event. And, for those you underestimate the power of a blouse. we got you some quick tips to give them a fashion quotient.

Tips for styling a Blouse:


  • Style your favourite blouse  with high-waist bottoms.

  • Do the partial tuck with your blouse.

  • Knot it up the hems of your blouse



  • Wear a jacket, coat, blazer, over your blouse or vest with your sheer top.

  • Make it look chic and feminine with shorts and miniskirts, you can either tuck in the blouse or let is loose.

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  • Spice your chiffon blouse with a flattering necklace.


So, What’s your style or have more tricks to styling a Blouse ? Tell us in the comments below.


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