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This Woman Runner Shattering Stereotypes At The Age Of 35

We are looking for you, different shades of you !  A runner, lawyer, housewife or be it anything ! Oh, how beautiful are you !
Those beautiful cheeks, that bubbly look, oh ! that smile, those lovely eyes, sometimes you are short & full, sometimes thin & tall much more. Whoever you are & however you are, there can be no one like you.
We embarked on this journey last year around the same time & since then it has been extremely exciting, full of ups and downs.
We had a mission to achieve & we still do. Our mission, to build something that embraces you at www.inbode.com

So today, we have found another piece of the “PUZZLE” called “YOU” !

Meet Sonali, a runner by profession ! A woman of extraordinary capabilities. A woman with confidence, with pride. As strong as a rock, never afraid of challenges, always waiting for opportunities.

We accidentally met Sonali, sometime around this month. Our meetings started off with general feedbacks & our synergies matched too soon, we were awe-strucked by her energy & her story.

So here we are, bringing “Her” to “You”. Why?
Because, we saw a complete reflection of our values in her. Our mutual belief of a woman’s strength and “BEAUTY IN UNIQUENESS” is something which brought us together.

Sonali, can you tell us, how you started your journey as a runner at the age of 34 ?

“A property consultant by profession but that was not how I intended to be introduced. I always knew about my high energy levels and willing to break the stereotypes simply because I always believed in myself more than anything else.

I have been a gym freak from last 5 years and set new parameters for women in fitness as well as overall wellness. I always believed that human body and mind is hardly utilised for the greater good. Thus, in my quest to figure out what was achievable I began my journey into the unknown without having any mentor as such. And in no time I realised how right I was.”

Tell us more about you as a Runner & your journey so far!

“ It’s been a wonderful journey as a runner so far & I am preparing to represent India internationally for Running in my age category. I’m at present 36years old and I began running at the age of 35 thereby, breaking the biggest myth that a woman can’t start running and win too at such an age. Best feeling is to gain respect and admiration from the fellow male runners who feel proud to see a woman run stronger than them!!

As I achieved new fitness levels, I decided to run a half marathon.

And the flow of events only led me to my true calling “The Runner” in me was born!!
I’ve completed a year as a runner in Dec 2017. And god has been kind to help me achieve 8podiums

Half Marathons-
IDBI New Delhi Marathon 2017- 2nd
Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017- 3rd

10k Events-
TCS Bengaluru 10k- 1st
Mumbai Half Marathon 10k- 1st
Amritsar Half Marathon 2017 10k- 1st
Adidas Uprising Formula 1 10k- 1st
Noida Grand Marathon 10k 2017- 1st ”

Your challenges in this journey?

I faced a lot of challenges specially belonging to an over protective family but I was extremely stubborn about becoming strong both mentally as well as physically.

Also, Running, being an outdoor event involves extreme weather as I’ve trained from 44degrees to 4degree Celsius. It was difficult but has given me a fresh perspective and changed my life for the best. I feel much more empowered and beautiful than ever before. I have tan lines all over my body that I flaunt because they’re a result of my hardwork, discipline, dedication and determination!!

What has this journey taught you the most?

“Be patient
Whatever you do, do with all your heart
Never ever give up ”

Lastly, How would you define your personal style?

When I dress up then the idea is to steal the show and my outfits depict my own natural style. I wear all sorts of style from extremely traditional to very modern (anything and everything I’m comfortable carrying)
I’ve always loved fashion and embrace the softer side of being a woman with my own sense of style. I simply love colours and feel they always have a way of speaking to your surroundings.

Sonali, will be with us on the 25th December, between 3.00 PM – 4.00 PM at the WHITE SNOW CHRISTMAS FEST, DLF CLUB 5. She will be hosting with us some fun activities, games, lucky draw, Q & A’s and personal styling session !

You can confirm your presence & view details about the event, HERE.


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