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Women It’s Your Choice – Homemaker or Working

I N B O D E is a platform, where we women can encourage each other through our varied experiences, and grow stronger together. And, here I am to share mine!

Having read success stories of working mothers and successful professionals ( Especially women) , I was always motivated to be one of them.

With time, my reality as a working professional, had become a stark contrast. Between picking up my young children from daycare, cooking for the family, and staying up late night on conference calls for work, I had started to burn out.

Soon, I was this cranky mom who never smiled, a barely there wife, and a tired professional, who could barely keep her job.

When my husband decided to accept an expatriate assignment back home, I took a decision to take a much needed break from work, and be a stay at home mom.

In hindsight, this was probably the best decision I have taken in my life.
Women It's Your Choice - Homemaker or Professional
Our family! Nikhil, Nupur, Ajay and Neha Kaul (L to R)

Being at home, made me feel calmer and I started to feel relaxed. I no longer felt the anxiety, that had become second nature to me. I was smiling more often, and losing my temper less.

My children found me waiting for them after school, and would be bursting to tell me their stories at school. I had time to sit down, and enjoy a cup of tea with my husband, and our conversations were no longer limited to monosyllables. I had started to relax, and the environment at home became calm and easy.

The woman of the house, they say, is like the sun of her family.

When we (women) smile, the rays of our happiness are reflected on the faces our family members.

Our inner state of mind permeates into our home. And, the house that we live in, becomes “A Home.”

If you look up the definition of empowerment, it says, “stepping out of your comfort zone, and becoming confident to take on the challenges of the world.”

To some of us, empowerment means working on our world inside first, before we take on the challenges of the outside world. So we women should not feel empowered only when we make a contribution to the world on the outside but also when we do it for our own world inside (family).

Concluding, with a quote that defines my life! I wish more peace & power to each one of you x

Women It's Your Choice - Homemaker or Professional

Nupur Kaul

In the past 25 years, my husband and my children have been fortunate to see many places and experience multiple cultures. Each time we moved a new home, I got a fresh chance to unleash my creativity and love for styling, by decorating our new home. I sincerely hope, you can use some of the styling tips I have learnt over the years, to decorate or renovate your home.

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